California Legal Research, Inc. (“CALRI”) and CALRI.com (“CALRI.com”) does not come between you and your client. CALRI does not engage in the practice of law on behalf of your client. Rather, CALRI provides legal research and writing services to you, the attorney to make your representation of your client and advice to your client more timely, effective, and cost-effective. We do not provide legal advice or legal opinion to your client; we simply serve as an experienced resource to help you give the best legal advice and legal opinion to your client. Briefs and memoranda that we prepare are provided solely for review by the requesting attorney. Attorneys using the services of CALRI and CALRI.com are ultimately responsible to their clients for the use or non-use of any work product prepared or provided by CALRI or CALRI.com. We provide our services only for attorneys who are active members of the bar of the State of California. Please see the Terms and Conditions of Use for further details.

LAST UPDATED: 2 November 2008.