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When you use California Legal Research for help on your California appeal, you’ll receive top-quality appellate brief writing from our attorney with over 36 years of appellate brief writing experience. Our experienced California appeals attorney will save you money as he researches, writes and finalizes your brief and personally guides you through the appeals process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have an attorney?

If you do not have an attorney, I can help you find one. My costs are low and thus you benefit. I’ll write the brief for your attorney, who will review it, comment on it, approve it, sign it, serve it on the other party and on the lower court, and file and argue it in the court of appeal.

What if I am the attorney for the appellant?

For counsel representing an appellant, I help you decide what issues to argue on appeal. You send me a copy of the reporter’s transcript and the clerk’s transcript. I prepare for you a searchable version of your record on appeal and write and deliver to you your appellant’s opening brief for you to approve, serve and file.

What if I am the attorney for the respondent?

For counsel representing a respondent, you send me the appellant’s record on appeal and appellant’s opening brief and any documents you feel the appellant failed to include. After we discuss the appeal issues, I prepare the respondent’s appendix (if needed) and the respondent’s brief for you to serve and file.

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