Whom I Serve

California attorneys are a busy lot and CALRI serves you, the busy attorney. At times you lack sufficient time or personnel to do your best. Sometimes you need more in-depth research on a difficult issue and cannot devote the time. Occasionally you need writing done while you’re taking depositions or you need research performed while you’re in court. That is where CALRI comes in.

If a California attorney needs to prosecute a civil appeal or respond to one on behalf of a client, CALRI will bring to that attorney over 36 years of appellate brief-writing experience. I work for attorneys at either a $95/hr rate or a $5,000 flat rate for an appellant’s opening brief, $3,500 for an appellant’s reply brief, or $3,500 for a respondent’s brief. I research, write and finalize the briefs for California attorneys and personally guide them through the appeals maze.

Whether you are pressed for time or simply do not know where to turn next for an elusive answer, CALRI is here to help.

CALRI does not perform research or writing services for non-lawyers. CALRI provides research and writing services only for attorneys who are presently active members of the bar of the State of California. Attorneys who utilize the research and writing services of California Legal Research, Inc. (“CALRI”) remain ultimately responsible to their client or clients for the use or non-use of any work product prepared or provided by CALRI.