Your Privacy

Confidentiality is your ethical obligation. I help you protect it. Your communications with me are protected by the attorney work product privilege and I treat such communications with strict adherence to your right to privacy and the privacy of your client.

Whether you talk with me in a toll-free telephone call (877-342-8529), send me an email, or contact me over the Internet, I will hold in strict confidence your identity; the identity of your client; the facts, circumstances, and information you provide relating to you and your client; and the fact of your having contacted me. For more information on this, see the Terms and Conditions of Use.

You can call me toll-free at 1-877-342-8529, send an email, or send a request over the Internet by clicking on the “Contact Us Now” button above. In any of these convenient ways, I will protect your privacy and the privacy of your client.